Describe yourself quickly and effectively

Try to sell a potential customer on your business with a couple really good sentences. It should tell the customer what you do, what areas you serve, and why they should chose you over your competitors.

Stand out
from competitors

Talk about your
Community involvement

Remind potential customers that your a part of the local community, not a faceless corporate entity. If you sponsor a local sports team, or have involvement with local charity's you should highlight that on your website.

Ideas for
bullet lists

  • Key product/service features
  • List your certifications
  • Reasons to chose your business
  • Guarantees you provide
  • Links to your product pages

Ideas for
numbered lists

  1. Overview of your process from start to finish
  2. Things a customer should do before calling / purchasing
  3. Listing a particular number of things: Top 3 reasons...
  4. Step by step instructions

First impressions are critical

When potential customers visit your website for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention, and make an impression. Do this with concise and eloquent statements about your business.

Focus on answering the most common questions on your homepage. Highlight some of your defining products or services and encourage people to dive deeper into the site by linking off to other pages in your content.

Show off your testimonials

If you have a fantastic testimonial to share, your homepage is not a bad place to do it. Ideally the testimonial should be short and to the point, and be limited to 2-3 sentences. This will ensure more people actually read it!

 - Satisified Customer